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Other Players Swing Thoughts

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Full turn then LAG by Dick Trenta
Slow and low by Kevin Smith
Tempo to a tune by Robin Christie
Breathe.. easy back by Michael V.
Visualize and let it flow by Sandra Caffe
Belt buckle through by Karl Rossman
Bowling ball on a chain by Kelly Bowen
It's just a game by Bombsquad Boy
Grip it and rip it! by Long John
Pancakes by Jill Reed
Shoulders first by Rico Stiffer
Balance on heels by Coby Harding
Life is good! by Mark Antionne
Down and around by Sully Fontaine
Turn, don't sway by Jimmy Levine
SMOOOOTH. One move. by Tariq Sultan

Trust Your Game™ and Lower Your Score. Tour tried and tested.

How often have you heard golf commentators talk about positive swing thoughts and “Being Positive” or read about a player who is working on their "Tempo", "Rhythm" or "Timing", "Picking a Target" or heard of sports psychologists talking about "Visualizing", or "Relaxing"? Swing Thoughts have been a hot topic since the game began and continue to play an important role in lowering your score. All professionals have learned to use key swing thoughts and have develop techniques to focus on the important things that trigger their good performances.

Have you ever wondered why some tour pro's have initials written on their gloves or wrists? Did you know that most tour pro's yardage books contain more then just yardages, they contain words as well? Those initials and words are actualy their key swing thoughts. This technology is tried and true by professional golfers world round and now you can learn how to use it to you advantage. The Swing Thoughts Wristband is a simple idea that is practical for the every day golfer concerned with improving on an often overlooked, yet critically important, aspect of their golf game. The mental focus. Start thinking like the pro's, watch your scores go down and enjoyment go up!

On the range.

While practicing on the driving range, use your Swing Thoughts to jot down quick notes pertaining to what you swing dynamics you are working on. Maybe your trying to cure a slice and need to concentrate on bringing the club back on the inside and swinging out. A quick note of "inside to out" will key you in on what you need your body to do. As your swing changes throughout the sesisons your swing thoughts will change also. Easily erase the previous thoughts and jot down your new ones. Focusing on just the right things will save you much wasted time and wasted strokes.

On the course.

The use for Swing Thoughts on the course differs slightly from the range. On the range you are trying to groove your swing and build up muscle memory. On the course, you want that muscle memory to shine through and allow your body to do what it was trained to do. The Swing Thoughts you might jot down before a round could be based on your warmup session. How was your swing feeling? What thought helped you make a better swing? The "course" swing thought should be simple and deal more with the mental then the physical aspect.

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